Indoor environment is of vital importance for the modern people since they spend most of their life indoors.
The quality of indoor environment directly affects the quality of life in inhabitants and the most important parameter of these effects is the health effect. It depends on many and various parameters, such as temperature, illumination, drafts, odors, humidity, allergens, irritants, vapors, air quality.

Indoor air quality depends not only from the proportions of gases in it. It is a transport media for lots of gaseous and particulate substances directly related to human health. Its most important health related parameters are:
O2 / CO2 content
Bacteria, viruses, etc.

When allergy to molds or house dust mites is diagnosed usually the patients or their parents make great efforts to get rid of them. This is often related with labored and/or costly repair works to heal the environment. For a pity the lack of experience and knowledge in this complicate matter often cause zero or even opposite results.

Our mission is using the most up to date knowledge and tests for creating a healthy indoor environment to direct the healing activities for each particular dwelling of office in the most effective direction in order to save work, time and funds and to achieve maximal healing effect.