• Ventilate your dwelling. During the ventilation it we recommend to make a brief draught for about 10 – 15 min.

  • Do not close / block the ventilation of uour bathroom.  Turn on the aspiration in your kitchen before and during the all coocking time.

  • Do not dry the loundry inside the dwelling. This increases very much the indoor humidity

  • After having bath: wipe the tiles in the bathroom, turn on the aspiration (if there is such) and close the bathroom door.

  • Do not heat a cold room by opening the door to a warm room. The vapors from the worm air will condense on the cold surfaces.

  • Avoid covering the heating and the termostates with curtains or to put furniture infront the heating radiators.

  • Do not attach furniture to the outer walls. Place it at at least 10 cm  distance of them to avoid condensation on the wall which is a predispositon for grwing molds.

  • Do not stop completely the heating of the premises when you stay long time out of your dwelling.

  • Do not drow flowers in the sleeping rooms. Dig at least once or twice a week the upper layer of the soil in order to prevent mold growth.